The S Word acknowledges that with COVID 19 ongoing, sports fans are left with a huge, unfillable void. Sport has acted like a brother and sister to many of us. It was there whenever one felt down, lonely or just needed some time to kill. It wouldn’t ask you the usual inane questions like ‘why aren’t you up yet?’ ‘Why aren’t you studying for your exams?’ Or ‘what are you going to do with your life?’. It was the most perfect one-sided relationship that one will ever be in, BUT now we are all feeling what real heartbreak is. They say that distance makes the heart fonder… The S Word disagrees. The S Word aims to pull you out of your ‘ice cream break up duvet days’ and do the one thing that many ex’s really wanted in the first place – they want you to fight for what you have lost.

The S Word will do just this by providing, when possible, a weekly update on all the sports that you can imagine. It will examine the biggest fixtures for the upcoming week, not just in the main televised sports but it will go deeper into more niche sports that we feel deserve recognition. It will hold a key interest in all female sports and hope to give them the coverage we feel they deserve, yet still lack on mainstream media. Alongside this, The S Word will give insight into ‘off the pitch’ stories as well as weekly dilemmas that we encourage everyone to comment, debate, argue and fight over.

Over time, The S Word plans to incorporate professional sportsmen, sportswomen, friends and family, via blogs and podcasts, to gain every angle and argument possible on some of the hottest debates that our beloved sport throws at us.

However, some may say it is a strange time to start a sports blog when there is very little, if any, live sport being played, other than the Liga Pro FNTR Moscow Open Table Tennis and nightly Greyhound races. This time off from covering live sport gives The S Word a great opportunity to analyse some of the past greatest moments in sports whilst also looking ahead to the future.

To kick-off proceedings, we lose our blog virginity by aiming to help people stay mentally active whilst killing copious amount of time with some of the greatest sporting documentaries on TV today. We hope you enjoy these documentaries as much as we did…! Any feedback is more than welcome.


The S Word

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