The Miami Marlins play in front of 1,590 fans – their stadium capacity is 36,000

The average MLB baseball match lasts for just over 3 hours. In that time, around 150 pitches are thrown, of which 18 are hit by the batsmen – approximately one hit every 10 minutes. You don’t need me to tell you that this doesn’t make for great spectating, and often the atmosphere inside MLB stadia is deflated; this is exacerbated by the ludicrous number of matches played during a regular season (162 games per team), meaning fewer and fewer people bother to turn out for each fixture. Baseball’s following is strong in Japan and Central America, but not strong enough to preserve the USA’s dying league. One damning statistic from 2019 tells the whole story: more people streamed the Esports finals for League of Legends (27 million) than watched Game 7 of the World Series (23.5 million).

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