Sport. Where grown fellas and fillies of a refined skill go against each other to bring those lacking it to tears… Fuelled by the misfit combo of money and passion, sport is a bottomless pit winners, losers, those who’ve won in losing, or lost in winning. The strive for perfection. The emotional rollercoasters. The ever-increasing stakes; each result more climactic than the last. Whether we’re the players, the managers, or the spectators, it’s what many of us live for.

Funnily enough, film isn’t too dissimilar.

It may come as no surprise then that some of the most critically and commercially successful films of all time are about sport. With a focus on performance, I’ve (perhaps regrettably) excluded documentaries from our podium. That shouldn’t dissuade you from settling into a few jars with these flicks on your tele box:

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