The most viewed ESPN documentary ever, an average of 5.6 million viewers per episode across the 10 episodes. Why has this documentary proven to be so successful? The blindingly obvious answer is that it leant a hand to filling the void created by the NBA season and all other sports being put on hold. However, I would bet that even competing with the NBA season, ‘The Last Dance’ would have been just as successful. Director Jason Hehir called the series a “unifying entertainment experience” and said “one of the best things about sport is the way that is connects us, who connected us more in a sports sense than Michael Jordan, he was a global figure”, and that ultimately, they were “telling a story that will captivate everyone, not just sports fans”. Whilst I appreciate that die-hard fans of the Chicago Bulls may not have learnt anything new, it cannot be denied that this is an exclusive insight into the man, rather than the athletic enigma. The slick combination of drama in the dynamics within the team and the NBA, legendary sporting highlights, the music, and the fashion, make it easy for anyone to find something to love about this documentary.

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